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Red Havas expands Technology Innovation offer with appointment of Myrna Van Pelt

Red Havas today announced the expansion of its Technology, Innovation and Business practice with the appointment of Myrna Van Pelt as Red’s Head of Technology and Business in the Australian market. With Myrna’s highly regarded industry expertise, her appointment will spearhead further growth and diversity of client work in this significant industry sector.

Red Havas Australia Announces Shane Russell as New CEO

Red Havas Australia has today announced Shane Russell as its new CEO. Shane joins Red and returns to Australia after more than a decade at New York based 5W Public Relations, where he played a key role in helping drive its rapid expansion to become one of the USA’s top 10 independent PR agencies by size.


With busy schedules, full inboxes and perpetual work-life balance challenges, people are faced with too much to see, do and process every day. As a result, in a world with limitless information, communication and choice, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to connect with our audiences in meaningful ways.  

The 2022 Word of the Year

Since 2020, Red Havas has named a global word of the year (WOTY). The selection of this word is informed by quantitative input (via a Havas Group employee survey) and qualitative input (from a mix of global communications pros and thought leaders across the industry). Ultimately, it’s identified by an internal team at the agency who considers all words received, not only numericall犀利士
y but thematically. This year, when reviewing the submissions that poured in from every corner of the world, two categories of words stood out to us. One stream was around words related to flexibility fluidity adaptability, agility, comeback and change. The second was around our feelings, behaviors and attributes as people. The category with the most “votes” were resilient/resiliency, grit, enduring, tenacious and persevere/perseverance — all of which are aspects of resiliency. Ultimately, we chose resilience as our 2022 Word of the Year.