January 25, 2017

Red Agency 2017 Predictions and Trends

by admin in News

The rules of media, marketing and corporate reputation are being rewritten, with consumer behaviour and technology evolving in step.

Businesses large and small are now having to invest more time in keeping up with the digitally driven disruption that is changing the marketing, media and PR playbook for everything that links back to customer experience. We’ve released our predictions report for 2017, analysing what challenges business and brands will face with the ever-evolving need of the consumer and how companies can make simple step changes in how they communicate to meet these demands. Please follow the link to the full report to read about:

  • Why companies will need to seek not just to be in the media, but to be the media
  • How product disruption will accelerate, driving a need for greater integration between the marketing and PR operations of businesses
  • Why brands will need to keep everything in the digital realm as accurate as possible; be first responders when it isn’t; and back every claim with solid proof points
  • The effectiveness of ambassadors and influencers, and how to measure their impact
  • The rise and rise of Snapchat and social augmented reality (AR), merging the virtual and physical worlds to reach new customers

For further information please contact James or Jackie: james.wright@havas.com or jackie.crossman@havasred.com.au