November 13, 2013

Who Cares Wins

by admin in News

Red Agency managed and co-ordinated the ‘Who Cares Wins’ Event at Sydney Opera House to promote the charity One Young World, which gathers together young people from around the world to make positive and lasting change. Young people have more power to have their voice heard than ever.

This is the ‘Age of Damage’: digital and social media have empowered people to hold businesses and leaders accountable; reputations can be made or destroyed in seconds. David Jones, Global CEO Havas (owners of Red Agency), one of the world’s largest communications groups, and author of the best selling book ‘Who Cares Wins’, addressed how social media and digitally empowered consumers are forcing businesses, politicians and leaders to be more socially responsible. David talked about how businesses are in danger of being left behind unless leaders and politicians adapt to this new world of radical transparency, where the price of doing well is doing good. David was joined by Sir Bob Geldof and One Young World Ambassadors, who will talk about the role of young leaders now and what they believe business can, and should, do to deliver the world that they want.