March 12, 2019


by Andrea Philips in News

Leading communications group, Red Agency and the Havas PR Collective, have today released their annual Red Sky Predictions Report uncovering truths and trends about consumer behaviours. In partnership with YouGov Galaxy, the report highlights that 2019 is the year where things get personal. From DNA marketing being put under the microscope to a new phase in the drive for gender equality, the report looks at changes in consumer mindsets as well as those who influence the world we live in today.

Key trends championed in the report include a prediction of the seismic shift in the groundswell of support for women’s rights, bringing mounting pressure for greater parity, particularly in terms of pay, and transparency at all levels. As #MeToo offenders head to court, the conversation changes from payback to #PayUp.

The global conversation will also shift from data privacy to DNA privacy – and first mover marketers will prepare to leverage the ultimate in business intelligence. In 2019, the DNA dilemma is about managing risk versus reward with consumers facing a question around how much they are prepared to give up for knowledge, convenience – or even a discount.

The ‘Ears In’ generation is on the rise, but this year we don’t just listen, we start talking more – not to each other, but to our devices. In 2019, sound is the new mute with AI voice assistants and smart speakers changing the way we search, shop and live. Marketers designing content for ears, not just eyes, is sound advice.

The focus on mental wellbeing in the workplace will continue as the ‘Mind Fit’ movement steps up a gear. Mental fitness is being given a spotlight with generic corporate wellness programs giving way to personalised approaches that help staff manage their workload and optimise their work-life balance. Red Agency, along with its parent Havas Group, has already begun the movement in-house with wellness rooms, flexible work hours and increased work from home days among the initiatives offered to staff.

Other trends featured in the report include the rise of ‘inclusive nationalism’; the increase in demand for quality journalism and the 3 Ds – depth, detail and detective work; the reimagination of influencer marketing and the roles of talent in marketing campaigns; the Trump-fuelled rise of consensus – where propaganda comes before facts; and the ‘walk or baulk’ approach brands are taking to sports marketing and sponsorships as sporting bodies seek to build trust to maintain their reputation, fanbase and corporate backing.

James Wright, Global Chairman of the Havas PR Collective, Jackie Crossman and Davitha Ghiassi, Executive Directors at Red Agency and co-authors of the report, said: “We have seen some fundamental shifts in consumer behaviours and attitudes which has led to cultural changes and the birth of new phenomena.

“Brands, companies and cultural figures are all changing the way they operate to engage with people to help them get the best out of their daily lives. It’s going to be a fascinating year ahead to see how this will evolve.”

Review the full Red Sky Predictions report.

The YouGov Galaxy study was conducted online in February 2019 among a nationally-representative sample of Australians.

Red Agency is Australia’s leading PR, social and experiential agency and is part of Havas PR Collective, which comprises over 1,500 staff in 40 offices around the world.