March 29, 2018


by William Turner in News

In 2018, change is the only certainty. Standing still is not an option.

It’s that time of year again as Red Agency has launched its 2018 Red Sky Predictions Report.

It reveals, this will be the year of digitally – driven transformation – with a twist. New checks and balances will come into play to reign in the runaway train as we hurtle towards a new era in marketing, media and corporate reputation.

It will be the year marketers get real with AI – and get to grips with Blockchain. New rules of engagement will put the brakes on the fakes. Government will lead a Tech Lash against the power of new Net States.

Digital media models will merge in the social space, and store managers will morph into marketing managers in the retail space. Increasingly political brands will champion social change, emboldened by consumers who, disillusioned with government, look to stand with brands that stand for something instead.

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