The Challenge

MILKYBAR Whirl, a deliciously creamy MILKYBAR with a swirl​ of smooth milk chocolate, sought to broaden the brand’s appeal to an older audience with a​ young-at-heart spirit. Albeit, during a global pandemic.

During unpredictable times, our focus groups told us that they yearn for comfort, what is safe and happy, and most people’s happiness’ led them back to their childhood memories of their younger years.

The Solution

MILKYBAR is fondly remembered from Aussie’s childhoods. And what did they remember the most? The MILKYBAR Kid. The child hero that wore a cowboy outfit, rode a horse, and shared the delicious chocolate bars with the triumphant cry of ‘The MILKYBAR’s are on me’. A character people pretended to be, dressed up as and dreamt of being.

MILKYBAR Whirl has a balance of white and milk chocolate (akin to being both young and grown up), so our strategy was to use it to help consumers find playfulness in their day-to-day adult life. By inspiring them to unleash their inner child and by bringing them a sense of light relief, MILKYBAR Whirl was offering grown-ups a license to feel like a kid again.

And what better way of making them feel like a kid again then by allowing them to live out a childhood dream. We resurrected the iconic MILKYBAR Kid. But made it Adult. A MILKYBAR Kid-ult.

The Results

549 pieces of earned coverage across TV, radio, online and social with more than 100 million reach.
When measure against previous MILKYBAR NPD, MILKYBAR Whirl had a 72% uplift in household trial.
In key retailer Woolworths, MILKYBAR Whirl sales were doubled in the first six weeks following launch.
In household penetration, MILKYBAR Whirl achieved the six-month benchmark in just 16 weeks.