June 11, 2024


by William Turner in News

“Agency Intelligence” is the AI that powers original creativity and solves brand challenges.

HAVAS Red the agency that merges best-in-class PR, content, social, influencer, and experiential services, today launches a bold new vision that draws tension between the rapid embrace of AI and the human intelligence needed to power creative innovation and problem solving for brands.

“Agency Intelligence: Intelligent Strategy, Ideas, and People,” is Havas Red’s response to a tsunami of automation technologies flooding the creative industry, and a belief that brands and talent must continue to prioritise critical human thinking.

“We wholeheartedly believe human intelligence is the engine that powers original creativity and helps solve the most important challenges for our clients,” said Shane Russell, CEO of Havas Red Australia.

“It’s intelligent people from a range of specialised disciplines who help brands communicate with purpose, nuance, emotion, and personality. We’re embracing   automation tools to supercharge creative output; however, artificial thinking will never replace the best ideas, creativity, relationships, and people. As long as we’re communicating to humans, we need human insight and smart people at the wheel,” said Shane.

Starting in June the Agency Intelligence platform will begin shaping content on HAVAS Red’s owned channels, industry reports, thought leadership, new service offerings, events, employee training, and act as the north star in its approach to client work.

HAVAS Red powers its client strategies with a range of proprietary IP, measurement and research tools, and a team of strategists and earned creatives that fuel storytelling wherever the audience may consume it.

In Australia HAVAS Red represents brands including Toyota, Lexus, Tourism Tasmania, Norco, Booking.com, SunRice, Big W, WG&S, Fujitsu, Neoen, Novartis, AusGrid, Dropbox and more.


The world is fixated on AI.

Convinced that artificial thinking can replace the best ideas, creativity, relationships, and people; that everything we do can be automated.

But not us.

We believe the world needs critical human thinking more than ever.

At Havas Red, we choose to power our world and that of our clients with a different form of AI: Agency Intelligence.

We’re the agency everyone turns to for intelligent strategy, ideas, and people.
Agency Intelligence is the operating model that drives meaningful work in a world of constant disruption. Our people find the emotion and truth when unlocking a strategy. We fuel original creativity that can impact a generation.  And we obsess over solving the most important challenges for our clients.

There is nothing artificial about Agency Intelligence.